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9 Super Fun Summer Magazine Collage Art Aesthetic

I LOVE collage art and with the summer coming soon I thought that it might be a fun project to pull together some images that have a summer aesthetic! Includes fun images and free video tutorials!

9 Super Fun Summer Magazine Collage Art Aesthetic

Kicky Yellow Shoe Gal

Oh my gosh, what a fun way to start off the summer collage post than this kicky gal! She was early on in my magazine collage journey, but what caught my eye to include her was the gal in the top right corner looking out from her lighthouse!

Cute Yellow Shoed Girl Magazine Collage

Kicky Yellow Shoe Gal – Tutorial Video

Rainbow Woman

This collage piece of art is fun because I have turned her into so many things! I love how I did her rainbow eyes and added different wings to either side of her neck! Although my absolute favorite thing about this piece might be the tiny deer at the bottom!

Rainbow Woman - Magazine Collage Art

Rainbow Gal – Tutorial Video

Unicorn Girl

This piece came a little further along when I was doing more mixed media art pieces! The background (which adds so much interest) is stamps and dies, ephemera and then I painted the rainbow on the unicorn!

Unicorn Girl - Mixed Media Collage Art

Unicorn Girl – Tutorial Video

Boating Buddies

This is just a fun little piece that I did one because I kept seeing an ad for allergy medicine with two people in a boat and that was enough to spark my creativity and interest!

Boating Buddies - Magazine Collage Art

Horse Women

I LOVE horses and so doing this fun mixed media collage with a variety of horse images, a wee tiger and then of course the women protestors on horseback was super fun!

Horse Women - Magazine Collage Art

Horse Women – Video Tutorial

Strutting Their Stuff

For this piece I found two of those legs in different magazines and as you know, mixed media artists love a bit of repetition! I like how they came out, but if I was to do this piece now I would for sure have a LOT more doodling in it!

Strutting Their Stuff - Magazine Collage Perfume Aesthetic

Starry Eyed Gal

I was focused on a couple of things for this piece… first off the motion that came from her running legs and then matching that to the large chain to make her seem like she is moving on the page!

Starry Eyed Gal - Magazine Collage Art

Starry Eyed Gal – Video Tutorial

Senior Woman With Bird Branch

I LOVE this one so much… for once I was in a super happy, silly mood and this piece just all came together! The senior woman in this picture has such a beautiful smile and looks like she is having the time of her life!

Senior Woman - Magazine Collage Art

Flower Girls

This is one of my favorite early pieces because of the color combination of chartreuse green and magenta pink. I LOVE color theory and have been diving back into it in my current art journals! Check out my free playing with color guide!

Flower Girls - Green and Magenta Magazine Collage Art

Summer Collage Art Aesthetic Wrapup

As a visual art artist, I love mixing my all time favorite craft supply (acrylic medium) with magazine images and other collage fodder to make something beautiful and interesting.

As a former digital artist, graphic designers are great at using visual elements to tell a story in one little advertisement or social post.

I feel like that is what I bring to the table magazine collage wise, using disparate images pulled together in a fun summery way to tell a story!

9 Super Fun Summer Magazine Collage Art Aesthetic