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Chronic Pain Journal – Free Printable!

Do you suffer from chronic pain or an autoimmune disease? I made this chronic pain journal just for you so you can track all kinds of things like pain, medication, doctors appointments and more!

Chronic Pain Journal - Free Printable!

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Calling All You Pain Warriors!

Listen, I know chronic pain is no laughing matter. It's a shadow that sometimes feels like it owns your whole darn life. But here's the thing: even shadows can't dim your inner sparkle.

This free, 18-page journal is your secret weapon for capturing those flashes of sunshine, tracking the sneaky gremlins of pain, and reminding yourself that you are, quite literally, a freaking warrior. So grab a pen, unleash your inner unicorn, and let's rewrite the narrative, one colorful page at a time.

Pages Included

There are so many cool pages that will help you to manage your pain and all the associated troubles that come from it!

Pages Included In Free Chronic Pain Journal

Yearly and Monthly Pain Level Trackers

A log to record pain levels, using a color coded scale! By tracking your daily pain levels over time you may be able to find out if there are cycles that you can recognize and prepare for!

Medication Result Tracker

Keep track of medications, dosages, and times taken. There is an additional field to record the results so you know if and when a medication is helping or not.

Symptom Diary

Note the date, symptoms, their intensity, and duration. Having this kind of log handy might make your next doctor's appointment less of a crap shoot if you can show actual symptoms that you are experiencing.

Yearly and Monthly Mood Tracker

Monitor your mood each day and look for patterns related to pain levels. The yearly is an overall view of your day and the monthly lets you track morning, midday, evening and night so you can see if there are times of day that are identifiable as better or worse. This can help you gauge when you should do tasks that HAVE to get done.

Sleep Log

Track sleep duration and quality, and how it correlates with pain levels. You may need to figure out if your body requires more or less help to get a decent night's sleep.

Trigger Identifications

Note potential pain triggers, like weather changes or stress. Everyone's triggers will be different! For example one of mine is putting away the laundry… I get so mad at myself that I have not put it away, but I have to wait for the “right time” to complete it even though it is a task that “normal” people can do without stress.

Doctor Notes

Have you ever left the doctors office and realized that you forgot to mention something important? NEVER AGAIN! This page will help you remember what you want to discuss, talk about recent symptoms, and note the questions you have for the doctor.

Appointment Tracker

Never miss an appointment again! This page is a handy dandy place to list all your upcoming appointments! Great to have even if you tend to use your phone for scheduling since you can take your journal in with you and note the appointment and then transfer it to your phone when you get home!

Weekly Gratitude Journal

I KNOW it can feel hard to be grateful when you are in pain, but there has been lots of research that shows that recognizing things that are going right can help uplift mood (even if it doesn't help the pain!)

Inspirational Quotes

Okay, I admit that this one is just for me! I love recording cool quotes that I find out in the wild and having them to read when I am bored sitting in a doctor's office!

Contact List

We all have all of our contacts on the phone now-a-days, but how often have you been somewhere without cell service and needed to be able to provide information about your doctors, pharmacy or contacts? This is the perfect place to keep all your important contacts in order.


Last but not least is the notes page! I love having a bunch of blank, lined pages to use for all different kinds of mundane tasks that I can do while I am waiting for the doctor to get to me! You never know, you might even write the next great novel while you are waiting (you will for sure have the time!)

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    Free Chronic Pain Journal Wrapup

    I have a bunch different maladies related to being allergic to almost everything in the world (the worst being unable to smell much) which gives me so much compassion for people dealing with even worse things like chronic pain!

    I also have friends and family who suffer from chronic pain or autoimmune issues which can cause pain so I thought this would be a great resource to provide them (and you too!)

    If you have any suggestions for other forms or journals you would like me to make, send me an email ([email protected]).

    Chronic Pain Journal - Free Printable!