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Thanksgiving Tags and Tickets – Free Printable Ephemera

I LOVE how warm and pretty the colors of Fall are! With that in mind, I wanted to make some tags and tickets for the autumn and Thanksgiving season!

Please note: This article contains affiliate links, and that means that I may earn a commission if you buy something. Read my full disclosure here.

Why Did I Make This Free Vintage Ephemera For You?

I KNOW, everyone says there is no free lunch… but these printables really are free! I make them for me to play with and figure, why not share with my internet friends!!!

I am an artist and graphic designer so playing around with these cool vintage images I get from The Graphics Fairy is just a treat!

Commercial License

If you sell printed items online or in person, you can use these tags and tickets commercially!

Here are some ways that people have said they have used them…

  • Printed out and sold as collage sheets in Africa
  • Used as ephemera in junk journals sold on Etsy
  • Used as gift tags and sold in packets cut out

Functionally, you can print them out and use them anyway you want! You just can't transmit them digitally (email, website or any other online way).

If you do want to share them with a friend or family member, just send them here!

How To Download and Print These

To get these vintage flower tags and tickets just sign up for my freebies library (link below). There are TONS of fun free printables available in there!

You can print these on your home printer, but you can also send them out to a commercial printing company like Office Depot or UPS. The copyright notice at the bottom will allow them to print them commercially.

They are standard 8.5″X11″ Letter Sized paper. I like to use matte presentation paper so they are a little stiffer than if you use just typewriter paper!

Get Your Free Floral Printable Ephemera

Click the image below (or click this link to sign up for the freebies library). If you already signed up for the newsletter, you can go right to the freebies library (the password is in every issue).

Printable Thanksgiving Tags and Tickets

Oh my gosh… I love how fun these tags and ticket turned out!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Tags and Tickets

They have all the pretty colors of fall including orange, red, brown and even a little bit of plum!

Where Can You Use These Printable Ephemera Designs

I make these tags and tickets for me to use in my junk journals or collage art, but they are perfect for anything you want to use them for!

The big ones are No. 8 tags and the smaller ones are No. 6 tag sized. The tickets are “ticket sized” and I have just some other fun shapes so that you have a variety to choose from!

Commercial License

I use graphics from to make these designs. They provide images in the public domain and can be used commercially if they are modified per their use policy (I modified all of them so you are safe!)

Because I made these designs I can choose how to allow commercial use… which I do liberally! Here are some ways you can use these designs…

  • Printed out and sold in junk journals on Etsy or Ebay (or your own website)
  • Printed out and sold as whole sheets (a fellow from Africa asked about this one!)
  • Printed out, cut up and sold as sets

Functionally I don't care what you do with them after you print them out!

What you can't do is sell them digitally or share the digitally (online or in email). If you want to tell a friend just send them to my freebies page and they can sign up to get them there!

The Thanksgiving Ephemera Set

Here is the whole set so you can see how cute they turned out!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Tags and Tickets

Get The Free Printable Fall, Autumn or Thanksgiving Stickers

Click here to get the free Thanksgiving Printables

if you are having trouble clicking the picture, you can access the Freebie Library here!


Wednesday 28th of September 2022

I can't access freebies. It wants a password.

auntie em

Wednesday 14th of September 2022

Thank you! These are so pretty and will be fun to use.