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Tips and Ideas For Picking The Best Craft Apron

I am so sick of getting paint and glue all over my clothes and I had the BRILLIANT idea, why not find an apron that I can wear while I do my crafts! Here are my thoughts about picking the right craft apron for yourself!

Tips and Ideas For Picking The Best Craft Apron

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My New Apron!

I got my apron and it works great and it has pockets!

My new craft apron!

What Kind of Apron Do You Need?

Come to find out there are different kinds of aprons! All kinds of different people use aprons…

  • Craft aprons
  • Cooking aprons
  • Gardening aprons
  • Barber aprons
  • Art aprons
  • Teachers aprons
  • Aprons for the Trades – Woodworking, Blacksmithing, etc.

It seems like there are different kinds depending on what kind of protection you need for your clothes!

Craft Apron

Lightweight, half sized mostly, lots of pockets…. hmmm maybe this isn't what I need.

Work Crafters Teal Floral ApronWork Crafters Teal Floral ApronWork Crafters Teal Floral Apron


Gardening Apron

Gardening aprons also seem to be light weight, lots of pockets and places to carry things around!

Gardening ApronGardening ApronGardening Apron


Full sized or Half Length?

So seeing these, I know that I want to have more coverage for my clothing than a half apron will provide.

For sure I want to have a full apron (not to the floor, but long enough to cover my legs, and the front of my shirt. Something like these ones, but they are TOO much for what I want (too expensive and they look too heavy!)

Dense leather craft apronDense leather craft apronDense leather craft apron


Pockets or No Pockets?

My next big question was whether I should go with lots of pockets, just a couple or none.

For my kind of crafting, having pockets to carry things around is not important, but having a place to put a tissue or other small item might be nice (I use my phone to film videos so I don't generally carry that around with me).

You might want to have lots of pockets or they might not be important to you at all!

Apron Materials

There are also different kinds of materials. Cotton would be great if you are just doing light work, like dusting or washing up, but I get the feeling that this would not be much protection against the layers of paint that I get all over the place.

Here are some of the materials that are available in aprons:

  • Leather aprons seem to be used for heavy duty crafts and trades > Check out this leather apron
  • Waxed Cotton is more waterproof than regular cotton or linen but not as sturdy as leather > Check out this waxed cotton canvas apron
  • Oilcloth that is plastic feeling, this would be good for gardening and any “wet work” > Check out this oilcloth apron
  • Cotton or linen are super light weight and can be easily laundered > Check out this lightweight washed linen apron
  • Denim is the perfect material for a craft apron for me! It is durable AND you can launder it… This is the blue jean apron I chose!

First off, I LOVE jean material AND I know I will get paint on it and I won't mind having paint on it, although that might freak you out. If so I would for sure go with plastic or at the least waxed canvas!