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Wicked Cool Ikea Kallax Carousel Spinner

In my latest project, I tackled an issue that many craft enthusiasts can relate to: the chaos of storing small, yet essential items like embossing powders. My solution? A Wicked Cool Ikea Kallax Carousel Spinner, ingeniously designed to fit right into my Kallax cube!

Wicked Cool Ikea Kallex Carousel Spinner

This journey from clutter to organization not only transformed my craft room, but also rekindled my love for every single color of embossing powder I own!

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The Before

My embossing glazes were a mess. Some were right side up, indicating their active role in my current projects, while others were stored upside down to reveal their colors at a glance. There were jars in cigar boxes and drawers in my Alex desk.

Despite my efforts, the system was far from perfect. With a growing collection scattered across my workspace, I knew it was time for a change.

Storing My Embossing Powders Before

Stamp N Storage Carousel Spinner

Enter the game-changing solution: a spinning turntable insert designed specifically for the Ikea Kallax unit. This Stamp-n-Storage carousel, though I'm not sure if it's officially called a lazy Susan, promised to revolutionize how I stored my beloved embossing powders.

It came in pieces and was a little intimidating but only took 15 minutes to put together and get set up!

Stamp N Storage Carousel Spinner

Opting for Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch paint and primer, I did a first coat as recommended with white spray paint.

Paint the first coat with white spray paint

Painting The Carousel With Acrylic Paint

I decided to make this carousel a vibrant part of my craft room… I KNOW, most people want everything Kallax to be all white and sterile, but I am going to for colorful and fun!

The first coat of paint always looks terrible and this one was no exception. I used a student grade paint from Dick Blick to paint the first coat and it was rough!

Painting The Carousel With Acrylic Paint

I decided that I wanted to use my beloved Tim Holtz Distress colors to paint the final colors! They have such a fun dark undertone that tones down the rainbow a bit and makes them colorful rather than clownish!

Here is the second coat with the Distress colors… let me know if you want the exact ones that I used and I will add that in!

As you can see I had to do some touchups on the white parts, I just used a little bit higher quality Michaels brand paint to do the white parts.

The Reveal

The final product was nothing short of a stunning. My embossing powders, once hidden away in drawers, now were out in the open and ready to be used on the carousel.

Wicked Cool Ikea Kallex Carousel Spinner

The convenience of spinning to the exact color I need has been a game-changer. This decision not only made my crafting corner more functional but also infused it with a burst of joy and creativity.

The Impact

This seemingly simple addition to my Kallax unit has profoundly impacted my crafting routine. My distress embossing powders, which I frequently use, are now accompanied by the rest of my collection, all within arm's reach and ready to inspire my next project.

The visibility and accessibility of each color have encouraged me to actually use all the products I have instead of leaving them in the drawer gathering dust!

Kallax Carousel Spinner Wrapup

I wanted my crafting space to be a reflection of my passion: colorful, bright, and far from mundane. With this Wicked Cool Ikea Kallax Carousel Spinner, I've achieved just that. It's not just about organization; it's about reclaiming the joy in every little jar of powder, each color a reminder of the endless possibilities that lie in creation.

I got this at the Stamp N Storage shop… they have carousels for both the Kallax and also free standing in case you just want them to sit on your desk!

For fellow crafters looking to tackle their organizational woes, I can't recommend this solution enough. It's more than just a storage unit; it's a catalyst for creativity.

Wicked Cool Ikea Kallex Carousel Spinner

Sandy Franklin

Wednesday 6th of March 2024

Are the shelves adjustable in any way or are you limited to that one height?

Tara Jacobsen

Thursday 7th of March 2024

They can't move once you pick the type. When you order you can pick all small shelves, all big or a mix like I have!