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1880s Webster Dictionary Free Printable Background Papers

If you are looking for some cool, vintage background papers to use in your mixed media, scrapbooking or junk journals these Webster Dictionary pages are super cute and fun!

1880s Webster Dictionary Free Printable Background Papers

All The Printable Vintage Dictionary Pages

I like to see what I am getting before scrolling all the way down so I thought I would show you the pages!

When I was scanning them I wanted to have a nice mix of the covers, handwriting and then the cutest interior pages!

Free Printable 1880s Webster Dictionary Printable Pages

Why I Made These Printable Backgrounds

I LOVE using vintage papers as backgrounds for my artwork and frequently have old books that I tear pages from to make backgrounds.

Just last week I noticed that the local auction house had a number of antique books for sale and I snapped them up for us to use in our artwork!

In The Public Domain

I have the right to share these with you as the owner of the physical copy of this book!

Here are the terms according the to US Copyright office… “For an anonymous work, a pseudonymous work, or a work made for hire, the copyright endures for a term of 95 years from the year of its first publication or a term of 120 years from the year of its creation, whichever expires first.”

This dictionary has a copyright date of 1880 so we are good to use it in our artwork for sale! 

Commercial License

Speaking of selling your work, I am sharing these dictionary pages with my peeps for commercial use in printed products.

So you can print and sell these collage sheets in whole, cut them up and use them as backgrounds and use them in items for sale.

There is no license to distribute these digitally. If you want to share these with a friend just send her a link to this page so she can get all the freebies herself!

How To Print These Dictionary Sheets

I formatted these to fit on 8.5″X11″ papers. I tried to match the background colors of the papers so that if you are a little bit of a wobbly cutter like I am there won't be a bright white edge on the pages!

I print these kinds of background pages on letter sized copy paper. Using a heavier weight makes it hard to layer.

How To Download The Printables

You can get a password to access these free printable background papers in the freebie library by clicking the link or the image below. (if you already have the password you can click here to go right to the freebie library)

Click here to get the free printable dictionary pages

Free Printable Dictionary Pages Wrapup

I love how cool these pages and covers are! I can't wait to use them in my artwork and see what kinds of fun art you make with them.

If you have any suggestions for other printables you would like me to make, send me an email ([email protected]).

1880s Webster Dictionary Free Printable Background Papers