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5 Ways To Find Free Adult Crafts Supplies

As an adult crafter I don't always have a bunch of extra money to spend on my projects (okay I am a little cheap too!) Here are my best tips and easy ideas for finding cool free craft supplies for women who want to make fun and unique crafts projects. 

5 Ways To Find Free Adult Crafts Supplies

please note :: I often recommend resources, some I receive an affiliate commission for at no additional cost to you, these all help to keep this site free for you!

1. Free Craft Supplies From Nature

There are so many clever tips and tutorials for making crafts from things you can find in your backyard or on your next walk!

Here are some things to look at nature in a new way…


Rocks are all around us! I love how this artist painted these with glow in the dark paint… they look good in the day AND cool at night!

Glow in the dark painted rocks source facebook, credit Manfred Fuchs‎

Tree Branches

Tree branches are good for so many crafts, but I thought this was a fun way to make them look super pretty and cool!


I KNOW, we all remember those horrible seashell crafts from the 70s, but seashell crafts have come WAY up since then! When Martha is making them, you know they are good for today!

martha stewart seashell centerpiece

2. Upcycle Things From Around Your House

Being a bit of a tree hugger, I love when I can reuse instead of throwing things away! There are so many different crafts you can make using “trash” from around your house…

Upcycle Jars

I love how this Etsy seller, OkeyDokeyDecoupage made this jar super pretty and functional too as a vase!

I also have to constantly remind myself that crafts don't always have to be a big production. Sometimes they can be adding a ribbon and a cute little tag to make a pretty storage solution!

picture of a jar with a tag
Free Playing With Color Guide

Cereal Boxes

My kids eat SO MUCH cereal and while I am a recycler, I would much rather use then for something cute around the house!

source iheartorganizing

3. Get Free Graphic Files From Pinterest

Pinterest is FULL of free craft supplies! Do a search for these terms to find some great graphics to use on your projects…

Functionally you can find ANY kind of graphic file to print out on your home computer!

free printables search on Pinterest

4. Use Store Samples

Okay, I don't want to be a jerk, but paint stores give out these amazing free craft supplies… paint chips!

They are great for such a variety of crafts and as long as you don't take all of them, I think they are used to crafters snagging a few on their trip to Home Depot!

picture of paint chips

Here is a great video about how to use them for doing “mosaics”…

5. Have A “Craft Supplies Swap” With Your Friends!

Alright, this is my absolute FAVORITE tip! You have lots of craft supplies that you bought thinking… I am going to make the most amazing thing with this, that you NEVER DID!

But what if one of your besties could use it to make something amazing?

Why not be the one to organize a swap? You can get rid of supplies you would never use and maybe get some new ones for free!

BONUS! Free Tissue Paper To Print

7 Free Creative Collage Sheet Printables For Decoupage Tissue Paper

Free Printable Collage Sheets

If you are an adult crafter looking for sophisticated tissue paper to use in your projects, I have some cute designs that you can download for FREE!

Download to print at home or send to Zazzle for printing…

Check out these free adult craft printable pages!