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How To Make An Acrylic Stamp Book – Stamp Storage and Organization

I wanted to figure out a way to store my stamps (red rubber OR clear) that would let me see the ones I use all the time easily! This acrylic stamp sandwich is just the solution I needed!

How To Make An Acrylic Stamp Book - Stamp Storage and Organization

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Why I NEEDED A Stamp Book

I am the kind of artist that only uses things that I can see AND that are super easy to use. I KNOW there are gals who can “organize” their stamps in separate folders or binders and easily use them… not me!

Acrylic Stamp Storage Book - Craft Room Organization

I started using acrylic blocks to store my stamp last year with my dies on the back on magnets and they worked PERFECTLY! (because we use acrylic blocks that stamps stick to already!)

I am still using that system for the remainder of my stamps BUT I need to have my most used stamps handy and available to use in my mixed media artwork.

Now, I KNOW there are stamp binders out there, but I am a binder kind of gal… I don't know why, they just don't work for me the way that others seem to love them.

Here is how I organize my rubber stamps so I that I can use them more!

Video Walkthrough Of How I Made My Stamp Book

How To Make An Acrylic Stamp Storage Book

I am not a great mechanic and this is a little different than my normal projects, but one thing I DO know how to make is books! I LOVE how this stamp book turned out!

Functionally, I used 4 8″X10″ acrylic plates to stick my stamp sets and individual stamps on, made hinges with tape and a cover with a plastic file folder.

Supplies Need For Acrylic Stamp Book

I was super pleased to find out that actual supplies needed (the acrylic plates, plastic file folders and hook and loop closure cost around $25 which is in line with what a pre-made binder that you can buy at the store!

• Acrylic Plates (8×10)
• Hook and loop fasteners
• Plastic Folders
• 2″ Black Masking Tape
• 1″ Black Masking Tape
• 4″ 49th and Market Pretty fabric tape
• Tim Holtz Fabric Tape

Fabric Tape Full Stamp Sets To Acrylic Plates

Fabric Tape Full Stamp Sets To Acrylic Plates

One nice thing about making this kind of acrylic stamp book is that you can either store full stamp sets or individual stamps! If you have full sets you can tape them onto the acrylics.

I used fabric tape because it is pretty AND super sticky!

Pick Your Favorite Stamps To Add Individually

Add Single Stamps You Use A Lot

Next you want to pick out your favorite stamps you use all the time! If you make your book the way I did, you will have four acrylic blocks that you can use to add to stamps to.

I made a funky “page”, marks, scripts and circles.

Cut Acrylic Folder To 8″ X 10″ To Make Front Cover

Cut Plastic Folder To 8X10 For Cover

I wanted to have a “permanent” cover for my book to protect the top level of stamps.

Cut the plastic folder to 8″X10″. I cut along the “non-open” sides so the plastic folder would be doubled and more sturdy.

Tape Top Cover On The First Plate

Tape Top Cover On The First Plate

Use masking tape to “hook” the plastic folder to the top plate.

I like this 2″ black masking tape because of the quality and the color. You can use any type of tape for this!

Make Sure You Tape The Inside Cover Too

Tape The Plates Together

Tape Acrylic Plates Together

Now is the time to make a “book” of the acrylic plates. I taped the top two together and the bottom two together and then taped each of those sandwiches together!

I taped the inside of the covers also so there wouldn't be a sticky place in the middle of my book!

Tape the inside of the binding

Add A Pretty Outside Binding

Add Fabric Tape Binding For Extra Reinforcement

I added an extra 4″ fabric tape binding for pretty-ness and as an extra reinforcing binding to keep the book together.

I find fabric tape to be super sticky AND beautiful!

Use The Hook And Loop To Keep Your Rubber Stamp Book Closed

Use The Hook and Loop (Velcro) To Keep The Book Closed

One reason this system works so well is that your stamps are protected AND they are kept stuck onto the acrylic blocks by being in a securely closed sandwich!

I used two hook and loop stickers to make the closure of my book!

Now, I am not sure this would be great if you have a HUGE stamp collection, it is more for specialized selections like my favorite stamps, maybe Christmas or holiday stamps. Just whatever you need to have easy access to!

Note About The Rubber Stamp Storage

I wanted to find out if I needed to put a barrier between the stamps that touch… here is the message that I sent to Stampers Anonymous…

I made a stamp storage book where my stamps face each other and touch. Is that okay (will they stick, degrade each other, etc.) It is no bother, if so I can put a mylar sheet between them, but just wanted to check!

And the answer I got…

You can put something in between just to be on the safe side.

So that leads me to believe you SHOULD put some kind of barrier. I am going to use the extra plastic folders cut to 8″X10″ size, but you could use mylar or any non-pourous material.

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