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Beavers! Free Printable Vintage Ephemera Collage Sheets

If you are into nature or the outdoors, you are going to love these free printable beaver collage sheets, tags, tickets, journal pages, and more!

Beavers! Free Printable Vintage Ephemera Collage Sheets

Please note: This article contains affiliate links, and that means that I may earn a commission if you buy something. Read my full disclosure here.

All The Free Beavers Printables!

I always am curious about what I am going to get before I scroll all the way down to the bottom, so I thought I would show you the free beaver printables all in one place!

All The Free Beavers Printables!

Why I Made These!

Oftentimes I make ephemera and collage sheets for me, but I have to admit I will probably never use these in my junk journals… nope!

Instead I made them for a gal named Brenda who wanted to make a beaver journal for her friend but couldn't find any cool printables with beavers (go figure!)

So I found some cool public domain images on Graphics Fairy and used my creativity to whip some out for her!

Why Are They Free?

I KNOW, it seems crazy pants to make and give away free printables that I for sure could sell for the big bucks on Etsy or even on my own site.

Well, a couple of things, first off, it is a BLAST to make free printables for people who need a super special kind of thing AND…

I have ads on my site so every time someone visits a page I earn a tiny bit of money so I can take the time to make these for my amazing peeps like Brenda!

Commercial License

There is a free commercial license to use these in printed products for sale! Here are some ways the peeps have sold them in the past…

  • Printed out and sold as sets at a market
  • Used in junk journals for sale on Etsy
  • Cut out and sold as greeting cards or collage fodder

There is no license to distribute these digitally. If you want to share them with a friend, just send her the link this page and she can join the freebie library herself!

How To Print Them Out

I like to use bright white card stock to print out my tags, tickets and other collage sheets.

It makes them a little more sturdy for use in my mixed media and junk journals!

They are formatted to print out on 8.5″X11″ US letter sized paper.

How To Download The Free Printables

You can get these and so many more free printables in my freebie library! Click the link or the picture below to get your password! (if you already have the password you can click here to enter the library)

Click here to get the beaver free printables!

Beavers Free Printable Ephemera Collage Sheets Wrapup

Oh my gosh, how fun is it that Brenda will be able to make a present for her friend?!?! If you have something you want to use in your art, hit me up!

Email me, [email protected] and I might just make something for you!

Beavers! Free Printable Vintage Ephemera Collage Sheets