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Blue Birds and Flowers – Free Printable Ephemera

These blue birds and flowers tags, tickets, journal pages and fun sayings are perfect for your “blue” journal or in mixed media or scrapbook supplies!

All The Blue Birds and Flowers Ephemera

You might laugh at me for always thinking that my own stuff is cool, but I tend to make it way ahead of time so when I opened this find blue bird, blue jays, cute blue flowers and read the fun sayings I was delighted!

All The Blue Birds and Flowers Ephemera

Why I Made These Collage Sheets

I have been working for a couple of years on have amazing collage sheets for my peeps to use! My goal is to give away something that you would be willing to pay good money for!

I used a combination of my creativity and public domain images from the Graphics Fairy so I can offer them with a commercial license for printed items! (more about this later!)

Why Are The Printables Free?

First off, I am a graphic artist so making printables from cool images is fun for me! I sit and watch Law Nerd TV and collage to my heart's content!

Also, I get the most delightful messages from people who could not afford to buy the hundreds of collage sheets that I have available in the freebie library!

Commercial License For Printing

There is a super liberal license for printing since I use public domain images for these collage sheets!

As long as you print them out first, you can use them commercially (like in a journal for sale, sell them whole or cut them up and sell the parts).

There is no license to distribute these digitally. If you want to share them with a friend, just send her the link to this post and she can download them and all the other freebies at once!

How To Download Them

I have been getting a fair number of requests to learn how to download them… once you sign up and get the password you enter the freebie library. On almost every one of them is a “click here” to download. Click the here to get a PDF of the freebie!

How To Print Them

These are all formatted to print out on 8.5″X11″ letter sized paper. I like to use a premium paper like Hammermill since I think they print out more colorfully!

Get The Blue Bird and Flower Collage Sheets!

This set and many others are available in the freebie download library! Click the link or the image below to get your password! (if you already have the password, click here… they are in the bird section!)

Blue Birds and Flowers Wrapup

I hope you love these as much as I do! I think the tag with the postcard background, blue bird and eggs is my favorite (maybe because I had such a hard time getting it right!)

Here are a few other free printables you might like too!

Blue Birds and Flowers - Free Printable Ephemera