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Buzz-Worthy Beehive Natural Honey Soap

This fast and easy 3 ingredient essential oils soap recipe is wicked cute and also helps to take care of your skin with soothing shea butter!

Buzz-Worthy Beehive Natural Honey Soap

Introduction to Beehive Natural Honey Soap

I love being able to make super cute and practical natural beauty bars that are filled with pure ingredients and my own imagination!

These Beehive Natural Honey Soap bars are a fusion of the sweet, inviting scent of vanilla and the natural golden hue of honey powder.

This soap combines the natural sweetness of honey powder with the rich aroma of vanilla. Featuring a shea butter soap base, these bars are a great way to have natural skin care made at home with ingredients you can recognize.

Gathering Your Soap Making Supplies

Okay, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of the must-haves for our Beehive Natural Honey Soap…

First off, snag yourself a beehive soap mold; it's the centerpiece that brings the buzz to your bars. I'm talking about a sweet design that makes your creation look as good as it smells – check it out here.

Now, you'll also need a microwave safe measuring cup with a spout. Trust me, it’s a game-changer for pouring – no mess, no fuss, just an easy to pour spout. Scoop one up like this one that I've been eyeing up to replace the old one I got at an estate sale!

Don’t forget grab a wooden craft stick for stirring. It's your secret weapon to mix everything up nice and even.

Rounding up the lineup, let’s talk about the backbone of our soap – the shea butter melt and pour soap base.

It's the smooth operator that nourishes the skin and makes the soothing magic happen. All the other goodies, like honey powder and vanilla essential oil, they're the MVPs that bring in the scent-sational experience and the skin-loving benefits.

So let's gather these goodies and gear up for some bee-autiful soap making!

Ingredients Breakdown

Here are the bits and bobs of this soap! With just three ingredients it is a perfect blend of ease and cuteness!

Shea Butter Soap Base

It's the champ for moisturizing. It hydrates your skin, fighting off dryness like a pro.

Honey Powder

I didn't know much about this ingredient before this project but come to find out, honey powder is a finely ground powder made from natural honey.

This powder retains many of the beneficial properties of liquid honey, such as its natural fragrance and moisturizing qualities. It's commonly used in soap making because it's easier to handle and mix into soap bases compared to liquid honey.

Vanilla Essential Oils

This is not one of those super stinky bars of soap that overwhelm you, rather it is one that is super calming and has a light, warm scent.

Vanilla Essential Oils For Soap Making

Beehive Natural Honey Soap Instructions

This is so simple that you are going to want to make these for everyone you know!


  • ¼ lb shea butter melt and pour soap base
  • 1 ½ tsp honey powder
  • 15 drops vanilla essential oil

Step-by-step Directions

1. Chop the ¼ lb soap base into 1-inch cubes and heat 'em up in your trusty microwave-safe measuring cup. Blast on high heat for 30 seconds at a go, till it's all liquidy.

Melt the soap base for the beehive soap

2. Sprinkle in the 1 ½ tsp honey powder and give it a stir to mix it in!

Add in the natural honey powder

3. Add in 15 drops of vanilla essential oil and stir it up with your wooden stick till it's mixed.

Add the vanilla essential oils

4. Here's the fun part – pour the mixture into your beehive molds. Do it nice and slow to avoid any pesky air bubbles.

Pour out the liquid soap into the molds

Now for patience! – let these bars sit tight in their mold for a solid hour. Resist the temptation to poke and prod; they're doing their setting thing.

Voilà! Once they've done their time, you've got Beehive Natural Honey Soap bars that smell like a dream and pamper your skin like none other.

Natural Honey Beehive Essential Oils Soap

Tips for Perfect Soap Bars

Okay, let's dive into making those beehive soap bars buzz with perfection! 

Temperature Tweak: If you're not melting that shea butter soap base at just the right heat, you're asking for a hot mess. Keep your microwave sessions short and sweet, 30-second bursts are the golden rule. Your aim? A velvety smooth pour, no bubbles or scorches.

Choose Your Scent: You could use any number of essential oils blends in this project, just remembering that the honey has a super light scent and stinkier oils may overwhelm it.

Stirring Savvy: Gently does it! Whip up your honey and vanilla blend with the care of a bee tending to its queen. A craft stick will serve you better than anything metallic, so your mix is free from impurities and full of love.

Setting Secrets: Give your soap the downtime it deserves. Patience is key here – rush this, and those crystal-clear bars will end up looking like a foggy mess. An hour should be enough, but hey, if they need a tad longer, give it to them!

For gifting or selling, Creative Packaging is where it's at. Picture your soap snuggled in recycled papers, tied with a ribbon or spruced up with a custom label. It's not just a bar of soap; it's an experience, wrapped in thoughtfulness and eco-friendly elegance.

Natural Honey and Shea Butter Soap Wrapup

I hope you love this project as much as I did! It was the first time I used this kind of mold and pulling them out and seeing how cool the beehives and bees looked was super fun!

If you have any more suggestions for essential oils soapmaking like this, send me an email (tara@marketingartfully) and I just might add it to my list of to dos!

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Buzz-Worthy Beehive Natural Honey Soap