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Cute Cows! Free Ephemera Collage Sheets

These super cute vintage cow ephemera collage sheets are perfect for your junk journal, DIY book or scrapbook supplies!

Cute Cows! Free Ephemera Collage Sheets

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All The Cow Ephemera Collage Sheets

There are so many great images in this collection including calves, farm gals, bulls, cow sayings and a great natural palette that includes green, red, brown and tan.

Why I Made The Cow Printables

I love when I can say this… one of the gals sent in a message asking for cows!

My name is Tori. I'm from Kentucky. I've been following your web page for a long time and I follow your Facebook page as well. I absolutely love your artwork. You're so creative and I'm never disappointed with the freebies you provide so very generously. I make junk journals with a twist of prayer/scripture inserts. I love getting the opportunity to use your beautiful artsy fartsy ephemera. I'm currently working on a junk journal for my sister and she just loves cows. I was wondering, if it's not too much trouble, if maybe you could make some cow ephemera? I know you would make some cool stuff and I would absolutely feel so honored and excited to use it. So is that something you could do at some point in time?

Well if Tori's sister likes cows then so be it! Cows she will get! I used my creativity and images from The Graphics Fairy to make these collage sheets.

Why Are They Free?

It may seem weird that I give away things for free that could be sold on Etsy for big bucks!

But I love that I can afford to give away freebies because I have ads on my site! I spend all my time watching Law Tube and making cool things for us to use in our journals!

Commercial License

There is a personal license for printing on these printables! That means you can print them and share with your family or business team (if you have one).

If you want to share them with a friend you can just email her the link to this page!

There is no license to distribute these digitally.

How To Print These Collage Sheets

I have formatted these to print out on 8.5″X11″ letter sized paper!

I like to use a heavier weight like cardstock or premium Hammermill paper. It makes the images brighter and more colorful!

Download The Printables

You can get these collage sheets and so many more in the freebie library! Simply click the link or the image below to get your password! (if you already have the password click here to enter the library!)

Click here to get the free printable cow collage sheets!

Cows Free Ephemera Collage Sheets Wrapup

I hope Tori's sister loves these as much as I do! I will be working on pig printables and rooster printables soon to go with the set!

Here are some more free printables that you might like to add to your stash!

Farm-Inspired Fun - Cute Cow Ephemera!


Wednesday 24th of January 2024

Oh my goodness I love these and I never expected in a million years to get a shout too!! I've been telling everybody about how awesome it was to talk to you and how my favorite artist was gonna make little ol me some ephemera at my request. I can't wait to tell them about this. You're freaking awesome. Thank you so much for everything you do and being the awesome person you are. Keep up the good work!!!

Tara Jacobsen

Thursday 1st of February 2024

Hehehehe so glad you suggested them!!! I have gotten so much great feedback!