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How To Make DIY Magazine Collage Wall Art Aesthetic

After hundreds of magazine collage pieces I am ready to hang one on my wall! A fun way to take old magazines, paint and creativity to make an amazing magazine collage!

How To Make DIY Magazine Collage Wall Art Aesthetic

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How THIS ONE Became My Favorite Collages

Like I said, I have made hundreds of magazine collage pages over the years and while some of them were good, I never really HAD to put them up on the wall. You can check out my whole Gallery!

I think this one has some things that the others do not…

First off I picked a teal and red color scheme for the background. That is my all time favorite color palette in the whole world so they had a good chance of being cute anyways.

Second off I made the border fancy with fairy inchies and beautiful flowers from a flower catalog.

Last but not least I took my time and had a blast doodling this piece!

Walk Through Video Of The Doodling

Here is some of the middle doodles that I recorded to post on my YouTube channel! Make sure to subscribe and ring the bell to get all my latest videos!

Progression of Making A Magazine Collage

I thought it would be fun to show you the steps to making a magazine collage image… and as a matter of fact I will show you working on both gals and some thoughts about the designs!

For this gal I started with a beautiful background using a flower border and a red and teal color scheme (my favorite!) She is dressed in a perfume bottle with a cocktail skirt. The middle one is painted a little bit, adding stripes flowers and painting her eyes. Lastly she is done with lots of painting and shading!

Progression of Making A Magazine Collage

This other gal's head and main body came from the same place, I added legs, arms and a highball glass skirt! The middle shows her with her eyes painted and some stripes added to her leggings. Last but not least she has a painted skirt and arms, cute pig tails and lots of details!

Why Is Magazine Collage Art So Great?

One reason I think magazine collage is a great way to make art is that you don't have to be able to draw!

In most visual arts you have to take tons of classes and master drawing, but with magazine collage you can have so much fun making weird little figures with a variety of smaller pieces that come together as a whole to make a “semi” realistic photo collage!

Second it is CHEAP! You can get magazines from anywhere and then just cut them up to make your art! All that is needed is scissors, glue like Mod Podge or Matte Medium, and a little bit of creativity!

Last but not least it is so fun to make an overall look out of collection of parts! Who knew that the cocktails I saw in a magazine would make such fun dresses for these gals!

DIY Magazine Collage Wrapup

I am so excited to make these gals into pictures for my collage wall! They are my first, but I will make sure they are not the last!

I have ordered two frames from Michaels (they fit fine into 8X10, it would have been super hard to find a frame to fit the whole width of open journal page!)

Here is the final magazine collage with the gals holding onto their cranberry and hanging out looking wicked cute with their pigtails and fancy party dresses!

Red and Teal Cocktail Girls - Tara Jacobsen Magazine Collage

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How To Make DIY Magazine Collage Wall Art Aesthetic