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How To Doodle Magazine Collage Art – Jaguar Gal

Today's post is all about playing around with some new art supplies: Sharpie's new Creative Markers on the Jaguar Gal magazine collage layout!

How To Doodle Magazine Collage ART - Jaguar Gal

Doodling Magazine Collage Walkthrough Video

Sharpie Creative Markers (Paint Pens)

These are water-based acrylic markers, but unlike other acrylic markers, you don't have to prime the them by pushing down the nib to get the paint started. That's a big time saver and was nicer than I expected it to be!

I decided to use them on a junk journal page that I've been working on. The collage features a magazine cutout of a woman with a jaguar head. I also have some other magazine images like a castle in her hand, greenery around the border and a sculpture tummy!

I found the “markers” to be just as good as Posca pens for painting big areas and making marks on the page because they have a fairly large nib.

Sharpie Creative Markers (Paint Pens)

Doodling The Magazine Collage Art

Here is the basic Jaguar Gal page without any doodling on it. It is just a background with a paper doll and some extra pieces of background and features.

Doodling The Magazine Collage Art

The first thing I did was paint her bow, arms and add some doodles using the purple and black Sharpie markers. I doodled around the border of the page and added some circles throughout the background.

Just doing that little bit was enough to make the page look a little better! Making marks and adding the bump doodles around the border really elevated the piece.

Doodling The Magazine Collage Art

On her arms, I went back over some of the areas with a second coat of paint to make the yellow more vibrant.

Here is the final version Jaguar Gal magazine collage with writing, doodling and shading done!

Doodling The Magazine Collage Art

I added white dots to the border, used India ink Pitt pens to shade her arms, wrote the words in regular Posca pens and did little white highlights around the focal points of the piece!

Sharpie Paint Pens Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure to shake the markers well before using them. This will help ensure that the paint flows evenly.
  • Don't worry about being perfect. These markers are great for creating a whimsical and artsy look.
  • Let the paint dry completely before adding another layer. This will help prevent the colors from bleeding together AND you will get fuller coverage!
  • You can use these markers on a variety of surfaces, not just paper. I tried them out on a magazine cutout and they worked great! But the package says they will work on all the surfaces that acrylic paint pens do… glass, wood fabric, etc.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the new Sharpie Creative Markers. They're a great way to add some fun and color to your art projects.

Doodling Your Magazine Collage Wrapup

I hope you found this as much of a fun activity as I did! Whether you are using a perfume bottle as a body, animal head on a person or even a footstool for a skirt, using magazine collage is a fun part of the creative process in my art journals!

Sticking pieces of paper to a background as a starting point for a collage art piece seems a bit weird, but I have loved learning to use women's magazines and home magazine images to make creative art!

Make sure you join the Artsy Fartsy Life Facebook page! You can post your work and get positive feedback from the group members!

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How To Doodle Magazine Collage ART - Jaguar Gal