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Making A Mini Magazine Collage Tim Holtz Booklet Folio

You guys, I found the coolest little booklet to make a mini magazine collage art journal!! Today we are going to take a peek at the supplies and then get started harvesting magazine images for this project!

Making A Mini Magazine Collage Tim Holtz Booklet Folio

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Full Video Of Starting The Journal

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Why I Am Making This Journal

I was feeling a little blah about doing art this last weekend and I thought, hey, I have that new mini journal that Tim Holtz put out for under $10!

Once I saw what size it was I thought it could be fun to do a little journal for magazine collage using that and a bunch of different new craft supplies that I have bought lately!

Here is the Tim Holtz Folio Journal… I know it looks pretty bland without anything on it, but as a structure to make a journal it is amazing!

Starting A Tim Holtz Folio Magazine Collage Art Journal

Keep your peepers open for other posts in this series when I put this journal to good use!

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