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The Best Subscriptions For Magazine Collage

I LOVE magazine collage! But sometimes the magazines are too expensive.. so today I am going to give you my recommendations for the best (and worst) magazine subscriptions!

The Best Subscriptions For Magazine Collage

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Okay… I was avoiding work today and talking with my British friend Haley and she said she was going to ask for magazine subscriptions for Christmas… whoo whoo.

This got me thinking I need to subscribe to more magazines because

1. I do magazine collage like it is my job… it sorta is….😂 Check out my gallery!
2. Most subscriptions cost as much as one magazine so I am wasting so much money buying them onesy-twosey

So here are the magazines I like and why! Some with affiliate links to help offset my HUGE craft supplies bill and some without!

Handy Ranking Tool…

📗 Green Magazine… YES! Cheap & Good

📙 Yellow Magazine… I want it but maybe not so cheap or few issues

📕 Red Magazine… Just not a good fit for whatever reason!


📗 Elle ($5 a year / 10 issues) I LOVE Elle… it has great people images…a good sized magazine!

📗 W Magazine ($8 a year / 6 issues) W Magazine is a little higher but it has big pictures and is a great one for collage… a super thick magazine.

📗 Vogue ($10 a year / 11 issues) Vogue is one of my favorites… good fashion pictures! Pretty thick magazine for the most part.

📗 Harpers Bazaar ($10 a year / 10 issues) I am not sure why but this is just a little bit less a favorite than Vogue, W or Elle. Still cool!

📙 Allure ($5 a year / 10 issues) Allure is good… I just don't think it is AS GOOD as Vogue or W… but a lot cheaper!

📙 Cosmopolitan (Cosmo) ($6 a year / 7 issues) I wasn't sold on Cosmo because it is super skinny to my way of thinking, but I know lots of people like!

📕 Glamour (not on Amazon… darn it) I tried to find a subscribe link on the Conde Naste site but it just went to digital

Food Magazines

📗 Food and Wine ($5.75 a year / 12 issues) I have never seen this magazine but I signed up because it is so darn cheap!

📗 Bon Appetit – ($10 a year / 10 issues) This is my favorite foodie magazine… very bougie food!

📙 Food Network ($6 half year / 4 issues) I like the food network magazine, but there are other ones that have fancier food (better for making hats!)

📙 All Recipes ($5.75 a year / 6 issues) Watch out for this one… they almost tricked me… great price but only 6 months!

Home Magazines

📗 Good Housekeeping ($7 a year / 10 issues) Good old Good Housekeeping is a steal and is great for having non people images to use!

📗 Better Homes and Gardens ($5 six months / 6 issues) I don't buy BHG because I steal my friends, I have made some cute collages with it!

📗 Elle Decor ($10 a year / 10 issues) a little bit more than the other two, but still a good value and a bit more upscale!

Animals and Plants

📗 Birds and Blooms ($10 a year) FOR SURE buy this one direct from the magazine site… MUCH cheaper than Amazon … one of my very favorite magazines!

📙 National Geographic For Kids ($10 six months / 5 issues) Nat Geo For Kids is not the cheapest and is pretty skinny BUT it is one of my favorites because it has great animal pictures!

📙 Ranger Rick Magazine ($12 a year / 10 issues) looks more expensive than Nat Geo but this is for a year. Not sure the pictures are as good as Nat Geo.

Best Magazines For Magazine Collage Wrapup

I kind of gave myself a $100 limit… so British Vogue at $136.61 a year was OUT… but may be on MY Christmas list!

NOTE: I am super excited to give you Amazon links because I HATE having to know eleventy-billion different logins. This way we can keep track of what we have all in one place!


Sunday 11th of December 2022

Hello Tara, your collage artwork is beautifully done and intriguing to admire. What magazine subscription companies do you use? How reliable are they? Thank you for your time.


Saturday 12th of November 2022

Thanks for doing this. Exactly what I was looking for. Which magazine has the best ads for collage?


Saturday 21st of May 2022

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Wednesday 18th of May 2022

Thanks for the scam info. I'm always willing to read that kind of info to keep myself up-to-date. I no longer use my real name out there, I use Firefox with several lockdown apps it offers re: ads/Facebook, and I pay for Malwarebytes on my computer. Like you, I don't answer any unknown calls and I turned off my answering machine about a year ago.

Sandy Franklin

Thursday 12th of May 2022

I was able to bypass the link to another site that said it was “free” but asked me to enter a credit card… really????? I appreciate your list but at first I thought I was required to sign up for the linked site in order to access it!