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The Best Subscriptions For Magazine Collage

I LOVE magazine collage! But sometimes the magazines are too expensive.. so today I am going to give you my recommendations for the best (and worst) magazine subscriptions!

The Best Subscriptions For Magazine Collage

Okay… I was avoiding work today and talking with my British friend Haley and she said she was going to ask for magazine subscriptions for Christmas… whoo whoo.

This got me thinking I need to subscribe to more magazines because

1. I do magazine collage like it is my job… it sorta is….😂 Check out my gallery!
2. Most subscriptions cost as much as one magazine so I am wasting so much money buying them onesy-twosey

So here are the magazines I like and why! Some with affiliate links to help offset my HUGE craft supplies bill and some without!

Handy Ranking Tool…

📗 Green Magazine… YES! Cheap & Good

📙 Yellow Magazine… I want it but maybe not so cheap or few issues

📕 Red Magazine… Just not a good fit for whatever reason!


📗 Elle ($5 a year / 10 issues) I LOVE Elle… it has great people images…a good sized magazine!

📗 W Magazine ($8 a year / 6 issues) W Magazine is a little higher but it has big pictures and is a great one for collage… a super thick magazine.

📗 Vogue ($10 a year / 11 issues) Vogue is one of my favorites… good fashion pictures! Pretty thick magazine for the most part.

📗 Harpers Bazaar ($10 a year / 10 issues) I am not sure why but this is just a little bit less a favorite than Vogue, W or Elle. Still cool!

📙 Allure ($5 a year / 10 issues) Allure is good… I just don't think it is AS GOOD as Vogue or W… but a lot cheaper!

📙 Cosmopolitan (Cosmo) ($6 a year / 7 issues) I wasn't sold on Cosmo because it is super skinny to my way of thinking, but I know lots of people like!

📕 Glamour (not on Amazon… darn it) I tried to find a subscribe link on the Conde Naste site but it just went to digital

Food Magazines

📗 Food and Wine ($5.75 a year / 12 issues) I have never seen this magazine but I signed up because it is so darn cheap!

📗 Bon Appetit – ($10 a year / 10 issues) This is my favorite foodie magazine… very bougie food!

📙 Food Network ($6 half year / 4 issues) I like the food network magazine, but there are other ones that have fancier food (better for making hats!)

📙 All Recipes ($5.75 a year / 6 issues) Watch out for this one… they almost tricked me… great price but only 6 months!

Home Magazines

📗 Good Housekeeping ($7 a year / 10 issues) Good old Good Housekeeping is a steal and is great for having non people images to use!

📗 Better Homes and Gardens ($5 six months / 6 issues) I don't buy BHG because I steal my friends, I have made some cute collages with it!

📗 Elle Decor ($10 a year / 10 issues) a little bit more than the other two, but still a good value and a bit more upscale!

Animals and Plants

📗 Birds and Blooms ($10 a year) FOR SURE buy this one direct from the magazine site… MUCH cheaper than Amazon … one of my very favorite magazines!

📙 National Geographic For Kids ($10 six months / 5 issues) Nat Geo For Kids is not the cheapest and is pretty skinny BUT it is one of my favorites because it has great animal pictures!

📙 Ranger Rick Magazine ($12 a year / 10 issues) looks more expensive than Nat Geo but this is for a year. Not sure the pictures are as good as Nat Geo.

Best Magazines For Magazine Collage Wrapup

I kind of gave myself a $100 limit… so British Vogue at $136.61 a year was OUT… but may be on MY Christmas list!

NOTE: I am super excited to give you Amazon links because I HATE having to know eleventy-billion different logins. This way we can keep track of what we have all in one place!