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Working On My Tim Holtz Mini Magazine Collage Journal

Today I am working more in the mini magazine collage journal, adding paint, stamps and then laying out four of the magazine collage pages!

Working On My Tim Holtz Mini Magazine Collage Journal

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Working On Mini Magazine Collage Video Tutorial

Materials and Resources Mentioned In Video

Gathering Materials

For this project I am using the Tim Holtz folio book (with just one of the inserts), magazine images and then paint, embossing and all kinds of mixed media bits and bobs!

Gathering Materials For The Mini Tim Holtz Magazine Collage Journal

One of the cool things about doing a mini journal is that I often have very small images that I can't really use in my big journals so this mini kind of project can help use some of them up!

I made mini paper dolls… a cool voodoo lady, grape haired lady, dude at a desk, lady with a fox hat, etc!

For a project like this it is good to have a wide array of super small images that you can pick and choose from!

Making Paint Backgrounds For The Mini Magazine Collage Journal

For the backgrounds of the pages I used Distress paint because it is matte and dries completely flat, which makes it easier to glue magazine images to!

I have been wanting to use this new Tim Holtz stencil on something and this seemed like a great background to use it on!

Adding Images To The Cover

I decided to go with a dark and gloomy cover for the mini magazine collage folio (who didn't see that one coming!) There is a voodoo gal and a mean grape-hatted head mistress to keep everyone in line!

Adding Images To The Cover of the Mini Magazine Collage Art Journal

I love how the background stamps are peeking out from behind the gals! This is just before I glued everything down… I was wondering why the light post was so darn crooked!

Adding layers of color and texture with the paint really makes these gals pop off the page!

Adding Images To The Inside Cover

I love how my “when pigs fly” pig is just hanging around waiting to get his wings! I feel like the magazine collage images on these pages turned out super cute!

Adding Images To The Inside Cover Of The Mini Magazine Collage Art Journal

While the front cover is striking with the large subjects, I do how much fun is packed into these two pages! I used the new Dylusions stencil and archival stamp pads to make the texture in the background of this page!

Tips and Tricks

There are a few things that I do that I definitely think you should avoid in your artwork!

For sure let each layer dry before you try to stencil or stamp on it! I did a little bit of a dry, but there would be SO MUCH less smudging if I had waited for each layer to fully dry!

If I had to pick a way that I see new collage artists struggle, it is that they don't have enough texture in their backgrounds or that they don't have enough “stuff” in their collages!

I can't wait to get to doodling!

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