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Adding Layers To The Mini Magazine Collage Journal

Today I am going to be adding some magazine collage layers to the mini journal! Tips and ideas for how to have more interest and depth in your art journal pages!

Adding Layers To The Mini Magazine Collage Journal

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How To Add Details In Collage Walkthrough Video

Working on The Mini Magazine Collage Journal

If you are looking at these pictures and thinking, those are not amazing, you are RIGHT! We are in the messy middle of doing a collage artwork and it always seems like there is no hope and you have ruined everything!

These are the frenemies! They are acting like they like each other, but really they are plotting and scheming against each other.

Right now I like that they are placed well and that there is a good level of interest to the page with the flower had and the moth flying!

This is the idea lady and she is behind peep through page (I LOVE a peep through!)

It is fun that her eyes are SO looking the other way and her hat is totally on point! I will be doing a bunch of doodling and painting on her shirt and then write BIG words around her empty spaces.

How fun is this cat gal with her chicken friends? I love the jeep because I drive a jeep and so there is interest for me personally.

In this one I will probably leave a bunch of negative space with the blue acting as a border and focus on more of the middle part of this piece!

I am so excited to work on this lady! I love how slumpy she is and that she has a fox in her hat!

I am thinking it might be fun to write words in the middle of the rings and do a bunch of doodling around the outside of this one!

Magazine Collage Art Wrapup

This is just a little show and tell in the middle of the journal! I hope you are having as much fun watching as I am having making this piece!

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Adding Layers To The Mini Magazine Collage Journal