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Buying Paper Towels and Toilet Paper on Amazon

We recently had a health scare that means I have become the primary grocery shopper for my family… ack! With that in mind I have been searching for time and money saving tips… and buying toilet paper and paper towels on Amazon is a GREAT one!

Buying Paper Towels and Toilet Paper on Amazon

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My Amazon Shopping Story

If you are reading this post, you are probably not one of those “of course I buy everything on Amazon” type peeps so I thought I would tell you how I have come to this way of getting paper towels and toilet paper!

A few years ago my husband got the Amazon Prime and starting buying all kinds of things on there. I maintained that I liked going to the store and getting things so he could have his Amazon and all the boxes coming to the house… count me out!

Then one year I did a wee bit of the Christmas shopping on Amazon and it was okay… I got my girls the “softest pajamas ever” and yep, they loved them!

Then during the pandemic, all my favorite stores shut down and I was forced to start using Amazon more myself and it is a delight! The nice Amazon people bring all the things you order and put them down in front of your door… whoo whoo!

That said, I live in a super secure, gated community with SUPER nosy neighbors so no one is stealing things off my doorstep. That might be a consideration for you!

My husband recently had a health scare and I had to take over the grocery shopping (he is okay-ish, just stress fritzed out his whole system and he needed a little break!) SOOOO I am back in the grocery game for 5 people (seven on the weekends when my big girl brings the baby over) and I need ALL THE HACKS to make it easier.

Let's Talk Amazon Prime

All of this loveliness really only works if you do the Amazon Prime free shipping thingy! I KNOW, it seems weird to pay $12.99 a month or about $120 a year for free shipping BUT it is totally worth it if you are going to be doing a bunch of your shopping on there!

They have a bunch of other “benefits” like movies and such, but I don't really watch anything but home shows and crafty Youtube videos so I am not using any of the other things… just the shipping!

I would say if you are only going to do a wee bit of shopping (like I used to do), for sure do the “spend $25 and get free shipping” thing, but if you are going to make this a part of your actual grocery shopping routine for sure go with the Prime.

Benefits of Buying Your Toilet Paper and Paper Towels on Amazon

Okay, if you are thinking of going this route I am sure you want to know the benefits of getting your paper towels and toilet paper online!

I know there women (and men) out there that are great shoppers and fly through the aisles with their lists and perfect hair… just I am not one of them! This is more me shopping!

Woman falling down with shopping cart from

1. You don't have to have giant things in your shopping cart

I can remember wheeling my cart around with the giant toilet paper rolls and paper towels falling off the top or trying to scrunch them under the bottom… so glad that I don't have that to look forward to anymore!

Giant toilet paper in shopping cart

2. Toilet paper and paper towels cost me less on Amazon!

Okay, even if it was SUPER convenient, I still would NOT use Amazon if cost a lot more. Come to find out they cost less from online!

Now, my husband has been shopping at the bougie Publix, where everything is a little more, if you are doing Aldi's or somewhere like that, you might want to check prices!

So, here are the ones we got from Amazon…

Okay, don't get me started about the BS games that the paper towels and toilet people play… double rolls, triple rolls, mega rolls… I am NOT doing math during my shopping. BUT I think these are pretty apples to apples and it SEEMS like they cost the same if not a little bit less!??

3. You could set up an auto-ship situation if you wanted

I am NOT an auto-ship kind of gal… I don't pay enough attention and wind up with MILLIONS of things I don't exactly need.

That said, you can set up system by which all your paper towels and toilet paper are on a “Subscribe and Save” system. They will send them automagically to you on a regular time frame!

4. Getting toilet paper and paper towels online saves me time

I am super fortunate! I work from home and have teenagers so I don't have all the time problems I would have if I worked outside the home or had little ones to mind (although I do have my Grandbaby Emmy every Monday which is quite a treat!)

That said, I do all kinds of artwork and am the caregiver of my Dementia mother in law so buying toilet paper and paper towels is about 1,759 on my list of interesting things to do!

Honestly, even if it cost a little bit more, it would be worth it to me time-wise to get these online and dropped off at my door!

5. Amazon has every single kind of toilet paper or paper towels you will ever need!

I am a little set in my ways and I have a certain level of toilet paper comfort I need! I find my tushie likes ultra soft strong toilet paper, not one-ply hard toilet paper (seriously… how snotty am I?!?!?!)

I also have standards for my paper towels because I use them in my art to wipe up all my spills and messes!

I was super pleasantly surprised to see that Amazon has all the “normal” brands of paper towels and toilet paper that I was used to!

Note: As a marketing professional, I KNOW that brand preferences are established when we are kids! I buy Crest because my Mom bought Crest and get Mentholatum instead of Vicks because that is what she did! While I could have changed brands if need be, I am super glad to see what I like is available!

Buying Toilet Paper And Paper Towels on Amazon FAQs

I KNOW I had so many questions when I started shopping online… here are some of my concerns and what might help you too!

Does Amazon have only off brand paper towels?

I am VERY particular about my paper towels! I like the ones that come in smaller sizes than the big square pieces and they have to be a good quality so I was worried that I would be getting some “off brand” kind of thing.

Nope, same old Brawney!

Does buying toilet paper on Amazon stress me out?

I KNOW, this should not be an FAQ question, but I am just keeping it real… sometimes buying things on line stresses me out! I have depression so I can't implement systems that will be hard to do or that will work this month and not next month.

Besides during the pandemic when everyone had trouble getting toilet paper, Amazon seems to have a bottomless well of supplies that they can send out so it DOES NOT stress me out to set a system like this!

Can you use manufacturer's coupons on Amazon?

Nope! Bummer right?

I KNOW some of my peeps love to play the coupon game and get super big discounts AND that for some this is what makes having a balanced budget possible…. sigh, don't even get me started about the cost of living and wages!

While I like a good coupon as much as the next gal, for me the ease of getting my sundries this way makes up for the $.25 or $1.00 I might save!

Why was buying toilet paper and paper towels online scary for me?

Last but not least, let's talk about why buying things online should be scary (it's not!)

While my husband embraces buying online from Amazon years ago, I am 54 years old and pretty set in my ways. I know what I like and I know how to go to a store and get the things that I need. For goodness sake, that is how my Mother did things and that is how I do things!

That said, there are SO MANY new convenient ways to do things that save me time.