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Everything To Know About The Sizzix Big Shot Switch!

The Big Shot Switch is a super cool, electric die cutting and embossing machine! Today we will look at the features of this machine as well as whether we need to add it to our artist toolkit!

Everything To Know About The Sizzix Big Shot Switch!

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Why I Am So Curious About The Sizzix Switch

As a mixed media and collage artist, I use die cuts and embossing folders frequently in my artwork. I currently have 3 die cutting machines… the tiny Sizzix Sidekick (which I use the most), an old dear Big Shot manual machine, and I just got a fold up Spellbinders Platinum 6.

That said, I am SUPER curious about the new Sizzix Big Shot Switch since seeing this Scrap Time video from Creativation 2020!

I thought this one from Hedgehog Hollow was super too! It showed how the machine worked!

So let's dive into everything I can find out about the Switch!

Sizzix Official Press Release

Here is the official Sizzix Switch press release with some details pulled out that matter to me!

Sizzix Switch UK Sell Sheet

“a A4 opening and is compatible with all Sizzix technologies, including our popular Bigz™ steel-rule dies”

SKU: 663650
Machine Size:
15” x 5 ⅞” x 6 ½”
38.1cm x 14.92cm x 16.51cm

Additional Resource :: Ellison Big Shot Switch Flip Book

When Can You Buy The Sizzix Switch?

Okay, honestly this is tough one! The original launch date according to the man in the video was May 2020. Then I heard somewhere it was Fall of 2021 and last I heard was January or February of 2022.

Now, it can be frustrating that it has taken so long to launch considering we have actually SEEN one in action, but having been in manufacturing in an earlier career, that was probably a production sample and the full production run was scheduled to start around March or April of 2020… ack, right at the start of the pandemic!

There are A LOT of sites that have it on pre order right now, but I am waiting until Sizzix officially announces that it is on sale.

So I will update this post when we have a firm date for when we can get our grubby little hands on one of these amazing machines!

How Much Will The Switch Cost?

Josh, the man in the video said it would retail at $259, but I have to think that price may change as we get closer to launch.

Walmart has it listed for $261.10 which is in line with the stated retail price, but they also have the size as 1″X1″ so I assume that was a placeholder listing made when we still thought it would be coming out soon.

I have also seen prices from $224 to $324 online so I would assume that we can figure $324 on the high end.

What Does The Switch Package Include?

  • Big Shot Switch Machine (super pretty with stylish chrome accents!)
  • Two Cutting Pads, One Platform (Adaptor A and Adaptor B)
  • 24 Thinlets Dies
  • 1 3D Embossing Folder

What Kind of Die Cutting Platforms Can It Hold?

If you are new to die cutting, there are things called the platforms that are the “sandwiches” which hold dies in place when you run them through your die cutting machine.

Some are super small and skinny like the Sidekick mini die cutting machine and some are HUGE and can hold really big dies.

According to the press release and videos, the width of the opening is 9″ so almost any platform should fit in AND they did say that even the itty bitty Sidekick plates would work so it seems very forgiving of platform sizes.

They stated that sensors in the Big Shot Switch can tell what size platform is inserted… BUT is that unlimitedly variable OR does it have certain “standard” sizes. I don't know right now which leads me to my next question!

Can You Use Magic Mat Plates In The Sizzix Switch?

I REALLY like using the Magic Mat pads from They are self-healing cutting mats that don't crack when you run your dies through.

That said, they are NOT the same depth as regular cutting mats so if the Switch has “standard” depths that it can put through, there could be a problem.

The lady in the second video says it can take ANY size cutting plates so fingers crossed the magic mat should work!

How Does The Sizzix Switch Work?

From the video it has an automatic feed and reverse system, meaning you put your plates together and then insert it into the opening and the machine pulls your sandwich through!

There is a simple two button system with a reverse switch that you can use to pull it back towards you when it is done cutting at the touch of a button!

I think I would tend to put it in and then use the reverse feed to pull it back to me so I wouldn't have to reach around and grab the plate as it came out the back.

How Big Is The Big Shot Switch?

The press release says that the Switch is 15” x 5 ⅞” x 6 ½” so it is long but really pretty shallow. It comes in a 17.5X8X9 inch package.

Since I would want to keep it handy, I wanted to compare it to the “regular” manual Big Shot machine that I already have which is 14 1/4″ x 12 3/8″ x 6 5/8″.

So it is about as wide as Big Shot is long, but is much “skinnier” because you don't have the space of the handle sticking out. It feels like this footprint will be much smaller on my desk than pulling the normal cutting machines!

What Kind of Dies Work In The Sizzix Big Shot Switch?

So far I have heard them say that these kinds of dies will work:

  • Bigz Dies (the thicker steel ruled dies from Sizzix)
  • Bigz XL Dies (the longer dies from Sizzix)
  • Thinlets dies (the super skinny, lightweight dies from many different companies)

I will keep up with this list as I learn more!

What Kinds of Platforms Don't Work In The Switch?

I wonder if the magnetic plates platforms will work in the Switch. I know that most electronics don't like magnets so this is a big question for me!

I don't know yet!

Can You Emboss With The Switch?

The starter set of the Switch comes with a 3D embossing folder (which can be a little thicker than “normal” embossing folders) so I would say for sure YES!

Just like the regular manual machines you swap out a layer of your “sandwich” to thinner piece to place the embossing folder on.

Who Is The Big Shot Switch Good For?

I know that I will be getting one of these because my wrists are weak from writing on the internet so much AND I have elbow issues that are not fun if I am cranking a bunch of die cuts out!

But who else is the Switch good for?

  • People with arthritis
  • Crafters who do A LOT of die cutting or embossing
  • Artists who want a machine to sit on their desk that is not crazy big
  • Disabled people who can't crank the manual machines
  • Lazy crafters like me who don't want to put all the muscle in!

Functionally, this machine is great if you struggle with the die cutting crank machines! I know that I am getting to were I can't do the physical bits as well as I did as a younger crafter!