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Free Printable Spoonie Planner

This Spoonie Planner is a game-changer for chronic illness management! I made this Spoonie planner for my friends who have conditions that require energy management!

Free Printable Spoonie Planner

Who Is This Spoonie Journal For?

There are many groups of chronically ill people who identify as “spoonies”, one of my friends turned me onto the Spoon Theory (she has lupus).

I am not a spoonie 98% of the time, but 2% of the time I am clinically depressed and the spoon theory has helped me to understand managing energy when it is a finite resource for the day.

Here are some of the common illnesses that use the Spoon Theory:

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • Chronic migraines
  • Autism
  • Clinical depression
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Note from reader…. I suffer from one of the least known forms of the disease called Primary Progressive MS. Approximately 80% of people suffering with MS deal with various forms of fatigue  factors.  The fatigue is not only overall  tiredness, but also various levels of muscle fatigue….. hitting legs usually.  There’s actually a term for the leg fatigue calling it : Jelly legs!

What Is The Spoon Theory

If you are here, you probably already know about the Spoon Theory but just in case someone stumbled in here and is curious… the Spoon Theory is a metaphor used to explain the limited energy reserves people with chronic illness experience.

The concept is that you quantify the energy you have for the day is a certain number of spoons. Each thing you do everyday takes a number of spoons depending on your overall energy available for the day.

Some days with high energy you could use 1 spoon to take a shower, but other days just getting out of bed might take 4 spoons.

I tend to think of having 12 spoons total that I can apportion for the day. If you are chronically in pain and debilitated you might only have 3 spoons total for the day.

Counting your spoons and giving yourself grace for how you spend them is super important for managing your energy and life!

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About The Spoonie Planner

Living with a chronic illness often means navigating a in a world of tracking symptoms, medications, appointments, and fluctuating energy levels. It's not just about managing your health; it's about managing your life around your health.

That's where the Spoonie Planner comes in – a thoughtfully designed tool specifically for those living with chronic conditions. And the best part? It's entirely free and printable!

Key Features of the Spoonie Planner:

  1. Daily Planner Page to Track Spoons: Start each day by allocating your ‘spoons' to various activities, helping you prioritize and manage your energy effectively.
  2. Monthly and Yearly Energy Tracker: Keep a long-term view of your energy levels, identifying patterns and planning for more demanding periods.
  3. Medication Result Tracker: Easily track the effectiveness of your medications, side effects, and dosages.
  4. Symptom Diary: A dedicated space to note down symptoms as they occur, aiding in identifying triggers and patterns.
  5. Monthly and Yearly Mood Tracker: Understand how your mood fluctuates over time, which can be crucial for mental health management.
  6. Sleep Log: Monitor your sleep patterns and quality, an essential aspect of managing chronic illness.
  7. Trigger Identification: Helps you identify and note down triggers that exacerbate your condition.
  8. Doctor Notes & Appointment Tracker: Keep all your medical appointments and notes in one place, ensuring you’re always prepared for doctor visits.
  9. Weekly Gratitude Journal: Focusing on gratitude can be a powerful tool for mental health, especially on challenging days.
  10. Inspirational Quotes: Keep a record of fun motivational quotes that you can look over later!
  11. Contact List: Keep a handy list of all important contacts, from healthcare providers to personal support networks.
  12. Notes Section: Extra space for jotting down thoughts, reminders, or anything else you need to remember.

Download the Spoonie Journal!

This Spoonie Journal Planner is for helping to manage your energy and keep track of your condition. It is totally free to download, just click the link or the image below!

Free Printable Spoonie Journal Wrapup

I hope that you love this planner and that it helps at least a little bit to manage your energy and track how your condition is affecting your life!

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Free Printable Spoonie Planner