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How To Dress Your DISC Personality Type!

Dress Yourself Using The DISC Personality Type - If you are having a trouble dressing yourself, use your DISC personality type to get tips and ideas about what you should wear!

I am 51 years old and about a decade ago I forgot how to dress myself. I could sort of fake it before that by getting “cute, hip” clothes, but then the downward spiral started.

I got heavier (at my highest I was almost 180 on a 5'2″ frame) and then we got kids and time was an issue. And I just felt like my best look was black on black on gray to mix things up.

Note: Some links in this post are affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase. I try to find amazing things that my readers will love as much as I do!

I Found Carol & Dressing Your Truth!

And then one day, while cruising Facebook, I saw an ad for Carol Tuttle's FREE course, Dressing Your Truth. Carol is a no-nonsense, high D kind of gal who is bossy and has strong opinions about how people should dress.. I LOVE her! Go figure… I am a high D too!!!

Now, Carol DOES NOT like personality tests so she would not approve of this post, but since so many of my peeps are into the DISC, I wanted to give you a heads up that her 4 Types fit right in to the DISC personalities!

Type 1 – I (Influence)
Type 2 – S (Steadiness)
Type 3 – D (Dominant)
Type 4 – C (Conscientiousness)

I thought that as I went through but checked with my besty Deb (a high D too) and asked her what stood out as she went through and she said it was dressing your DISC so I knew I was on to something!

Now, so you know that I am not kidding that I had let myself go, here is my before and after (that is after about 10 days of watching Carol talk about how to find the best clothes for your type!)

Before & After - Dressing your truth!

So let's dive into the concept!

D Personality Types – Type 3

D Personality Types - The Winner

source world maps of 10 personality types – used with permission

So who are these amazing D women? They driven and determined! Always pushing forward we can be like a bull in the China shop!

And in Carol's program, D's are Type 3. She has us in comfortable, easy to move fabrics which have substance and rich colors.

For me the hardest part of the whole thing was that Carol said Type 3 never wear black! For fox sake, all of my clothes were black, what was I supposed to wear!?!?

But at the end of the day it made sense. We D's are a bit overwhelming under the best circumstances and then to add all that black “Wednesday Adams” rushing at people, no wonder everyone says I was a bit scary in my energy!

I Personality Types – Type 1

I Personality Type - The Enthusiast

source world maps of 10 personality types – used with permission

The I's of the world are the fun party gals who never say no to a get-to-gether and are super-super friendly. They talk to people in the grocery line, in the carpool line and at their kid's soccer games.

My daughter is an I so she is a Type 1 and I have to say when she is in her bright colors and patterns she looks like she is positively glowing from the inside out!

Carol says these gals should be wearing bright uplifting colors, lighter garments and tiny patterns.

The one thing I noticed with some of the Type 1 ladies is that they worry that being “cute” doesn't mean mature or serious so I love this woman who is super bright and shiney, but still seems to be a force to be reckoned with!

S Personality Type – Type 2

S Personality Type - The Peacekeeper

source world maps of 10 personality types – used with permission

My favorite S in the world was my assistant Shell who worked with me for almost 10 years before her passing. She was my rock who I could count on to do all things, listen to my grand schemes and then figure a practical way to get things done.

S's are the quiet ones who are not always jumping around, making a spectacle of themselves, but who we turn to when we need comfort and understanding.

In Carol's program, my favorite Type 2 is her daughter. She is calm and steady demeanor, but is obviously a driving force in the company!

Type 2 wear soft, flowing clothing in comfortable styles and muted colors. They are not jangly or harsh but look feminine and calm.

C Personality Type – Type 4

S Personality Type - Type 4

source world maps of 10 personality types – used with permission

Last but not least are the C's, the precise, detail oriented people in the world.

Come to find out they were the only ones who could wear black… sigh. At first I was pissed and confused, why did they get my beautiful black, but then I though about who these C's were. Doctors, lawyers, accountants… OF COURSE! They wear black suits and are very precise!

So in Carol's world of dressing the Type 4s are STUNNING! They are super polished and well put together. Yes, they wear black and white, but also super bold colors in really vibrant tones.

Funny story, I tried to squash my D into a C to get the black, but when I really thought about it I have NO C in my world! Don't be a dork, either you are a Type 4 C or you don't get black!

Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth

So if any of this is intriguing, make sure you check out her course, Dressing Your Truth and also her book, It's Just My Nature

What I especially like about her course are these things:

She is super specific. You don't have to guess what kinds of things you should buy and wear, you can just listen and then go fetch the right kind of clothes for your type.

She is nice about it. Instead of being mean and saying you are doing everything wrong (like that voice in my head) she tells you the right things and WHY they are the way they are.

It matches the DISC. This was awesome for me because I am just a D! There was a tiny little I blip when I did my test but overall, I am solidly in the D camp. For most DISC lovers you are going to have the same trouble that some of the ladies in the course have. Should you dress D or I, S or C if you have a D/I or S/C.

She has stuff you can buy. I LOVE a good hunt and bargain so I just trotted on over to the local thrift store, tried everything that looked close on and bought them all. Now I am sorting them out by wearing something new everyday. But you may not like sifting through old ratty clothes in which case she has a store and you can buy just what you want in your type!

My Final Advice About Dressing Your DISC

Okay, here is my High D advice to you in regards to this course. Take it, watching all the different parts and then decide to try whichever one seems to match you the best! You can do it with Carol's criteria which will seem very familiar and DISC-y.

Then wear the clothes for 30 days, seeing if they feel like you!

My clothes are feeling more and more like me by the day as I figure out things I hate and love about dressing this way.

Shopping A Thrift Store Online

Okay, one last thing I did when I was getting started… I “shopped” on a Thrift store online!

I LOVE shopping thrift stores in general because they have a wide array of different kinds of clothing all in one place where retail stores all have the same kinds of products based on who their shoppers are.

I spent a good amount of time on Swap an online thrift store, looking around to see what kinds of options I had!

Comment below and let me know if you dug this course as much I do!

Dress Yourself Using The DISC Personality Type - If you are having a trouble dressing yourself, use your DISC personality type to get tips and ideas about what you should wear!

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