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How To Make Magazine Collage Hair – Art Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how I use magazine paper clippings to make fancy curly girl hair! Tips and ideas for how to make fancy magazine collage hair!

How To Make Magazine Collage Hair - Art Tutorial

Why I Wrote This Post

I have been doing a lot of videos over on my Youtube channel and one of the gals saw a picture of the purple and yellow lady and wanted to know how to make hair like this!

Curly Surely - Magazine Collage Art

It is actually super easy and fun so I decided to do a whole video and walkthrough post to show you how!

How To Make Magazine collage Hair Walkthrough Video

Making Magazine Collage Hair

So the first thing to know is that you cannot make this hair wrong! You just cut up different shapes and then layer them to make the whole head of hair!

Curly Magazine Collage Hair

For this kind of magazine collage hair you just cut half circles and then cut them again in to horn shapes!

Curly Magazine Collage Hair

After that it is just building up layers to make the hair and the painting patterns onto each “strand”.

Ringlets Magazine Collage Hair

To make ringlet hair you just cut little worms and then layer those to make hair!

Ringlets Magazine Collage Hair

And as you can see above, if you make a bowl shape, you can cut out a bang to make sticking down your curls or worms easier!

Stages Of Head In The Clouds

I used the hair to make my magazine collage piece called “head in the clouds”! This is the start of the fancy hair where I just have the pieces stuck down and have doodled onto the magazine cutouts.

At this point don't freak out if you think that the hair doesn't look realistic! It should look weird at this point because it is just magazine images stuck down!

The next step is to outline the hair with a black Posca Pen and highlight any of the parts that you have drawn on.

I did both a black outline and then a white highlight for each of the doodles!

Stages Of Head In The Clouds - Magazine Collage Art Tutorial

Last but not least I did the detail of the eyes and the eyelashes!

The key to keeping your gals from looking weird is to make a shine in their eyes… that is the finishing touch I put on every piece!

Last but not least I did the detail of the eyes and the eyelashes!

Magazine Collage Hair Wrapup

I hope you have as much fun making this hair as I did! I love the “head in the clouds” piece that features the two kinds of hair as well as the steampunk border!

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How To Make Magazine Collage Hair - Art Tutorial