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How To Use Coloring Book Pages For Mixed Media

Today I am going to show you how to incorporate coloring book pages into your mixed media art! Tips and ideas for your mixed media artwork!

How To Use Coloring Book Pages For Mixed Media

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Why I Wanted To Try Coloring Book Pages For Mixed Media

I “inherited” some coloring books from my Mother In Law who LOVES to color shapes and patterns with colored pencils. But she didn't love coloring people or animals.

Who hasn't bought something thinking that they would love and then wah, wah, wah?

They were two different coloring books, Lori's Art Garden by Lori Gardner Woods and Doodle House Coloring Book by Susan Winget, and my thought was to integrate them with various art techniques and materials.

Why I Wanted To Try Coloring Book Pages For Mixed Media

Fun Flower Girl

I love this one so much and how cool she turned out! She is a true mix of mixed media techniques and mediums from magazine collage to washit tape, texture paste, paint and brads!

Fun Flower Girl - Mixed Media Coloring Book Page

How To Choose Coloring Book Pages

So the main pieces I used for this page were the shape of the woman… stenciling patterns where you would normally color in her dress.

Mixed Media Collage Coloring Pages

And then picking another page that had some huge flowers that I used texture paste to create interest and depth.

Mixed Media Collage Coloring Pages

Fun Girl Video Walkthrough

Preparing the Images

For some images, I glued tissue paper on the back for added strength. For others, I cut them out directly. I considered which parts of the images I can use and how they will fit into my project.

Applying Texture Paste

I used a pearly texture paste on a flower image, applying it with a palette knife through a stencil. This adds texture and dimension to the flower.

Creating Backgrounds

I made backgrounds on mixed media paper using various sprays and inks, including Distress Oxide Spray and acrylic paint. I experimentd with different colors to match the theme of my project.

Cutting and Arranging Elements

I cut out shapes from the coloring book pages and arranged them on my background. I considered the composition and how the different elements interact.

Adding Details with Posca Pens

I outlined and added details to the images using Posca pens. This step enhances the images and integrates them into the background.

Embellishing with Embossing Powder

I used embossing powder on some elements to add texture and shine. I embossed words using a stamp set and black embossing powder.

Assembling the Collage

I glued down the various elements, including the embossed words, onto my background. I used a glue stick for this purpose.

Adding Final Touches

I added washi tape and brads to the edges of my project for additional decoration. This frames the artwork and gives it a finished look.

Doodling and Finishing

Finally, I doodled around the elements to tie everything together and complete the mixed media piece.

For Fox Sake

For this one I used a different technique, simply using the shapes from the coloring book page and then piecing together magazine paper to make a whole design!

For Fox Sake - Coloring Book Pages In Collage Art

While this was much simpler to do, I found all the cutting and piecing to not be something that I would want to do again.

It was very fussy work… this piece too about 4 hours to make and I feel like it turned out “just okay”.

I really feel like the doodles and fun that the original coloring book page had was cuter than what I did!

I started by selecting various images from magazines that I believed would work well for making the collage.

Cutting Out Elements

I super carefully cut out the different shapes from magazine clippings, such as the fox and tree branches, making sure they matched the shapes in the coloring book.

Arranging the Collage

I used a piece of sheet music as a base to arrange the cutouts, gradually building the collage to resemble the coloring book page, but not match it exactly.

Instead I made the stream and banks a more mixed media application!

Adding Details

I added all the details and doodling with Posca pens. Having used stencils to make patterns on the different elements, it was fun to doddle around everything! (this was my favorite part of this project!)

Assembling the Collage

Putting this together was a BEAST! There were tons of little pieces and getting them all lined up in the right places was not my jam.

Challenges and Adjustments

There were A LOT of challenges to this project such as keeping track of small pieces and ensuring they all fit together.

One thing that I found worked well was sticking down pieces as I went to avoid losing them.

For Fox Sake Video Walkthrough

Using Coloring Book Pages For Mixed Media Wrapup

I have to say that I loved doing the Fun Girl and the Foxes no so much. That said, I have never done a project like this again… though I would use the shapes of bodies from coloring books again for sure!

All in all I am glad I tried these two projects and think that they did come out cute in the end!

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