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How To Organize Your In Progress Craft Projects

I love have a great solution to storing my papercrafting and mixed media projects between crafting sessions! These storage bins and boxes are the perfect way to keep my projects in progress handy!

Why I Wrote This Post

I have been meaning to do more art projects for a while, but I hated how messy my craft room got with all the different projects I had going at once.

If I was one of those neat crafters who took out a product, put it back and then cleaned up after each step this would not be a problem (I am so jelly of those organized gals!)

Instead I am a pull it all out, dabble around a bit, get a different great idea, switch to that and then days later I come back in and there is just a huge mess and I can't even remember what I was planning to do in the first place.

Well has the perfect solution for this!!! Project Trays and Bins Video

Where I Keep The Trays and Bins

This is a picture when I first got them and they were all pretty with no paint on them (my craft room is a splash zone for paint!)

Where I Keep The Trays and Bins

I had a little area to the right of that storage unit in my newly organized craft room and that was the perfect place to put the stack of bins and trays (it only takes up 8 3/4″ long x 6″ wide) so it is not a huge footprint on my desk!

How To Use The Storage Trays

When I first saw these and how shallow the trays were I thought that all I could fit into them would be paper products… fair enough!

But come to find out you can pack a TON of things in there and still have them stack just fine!

How To Use The Storage Trays

This one has a bunch of Tim Holtz paper dolls, two embossing pens, a paintbrush and tweezers and it still can have another tray stacked on top of it!

How To Use The Storage Bins

I only got two storage bins to give myself a bit of a limit on how many big projects I can have going on at a time! (I will probably get a couple more if I am being honest… they are working so well!)

For these I am keeping a mixed media project together with the tray and corralling it all together as one thing.

How To Use The Storage Bins

It feels amazing to have those stacked up on the corner of my desk and ready to go, but not walking into a huge mess on my desk!

Storage Bins and Trays FAQ

I bet you are going to have some questions! I know did before I took the leap and got these!

How Much Do These Cost?

The two bins were $32-ish and the 6 Pack of trays were $45 regular price. But wait, don't freak out… runs sales so I paid about half of that!

Where Can I Get These Miracle Storage Solutions?

Here is a link to the bins and the trays! (Those are affiliate links so I will earn a wee bit of money if you purchase through my links)

If I Had To Get One or the Other, Which Would I Get?

Here is the cool thing… if you don't think you are ready to get both, just get the bins set. The lids for the bins are the same size as the trays so you kinda get a two-for. Two bins and two trays that you can start with.

Will This Work For Visual Organizers

I am the kind of gal where if it is out of sight, it is out of mind. I will not be packing these up and storing my working projects in the closet… the can sit right out on my desk looking all cute in their frosted tower.

That said, you can sorta tell what is inside them because they are a bit translucent (but not totally clear so I don't have to see the whole mess that is in them!) Project Storage Trays and Bins Wrapup

I hope this peek into my new project storage system helps! I have been trying so many things like big envelopes and just pushing things into different piles on my desk, but as a mixed media artist that never worked for me!

Please let me know if you try these and send me pictures to add to this post!

Here are a few other craft room storage ideas for visual organizers you might like!

How To Organize Your In Progress Craft Projects