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Vintage Transportation Ephemera – Free Printables

These free transportation printables include cars, trains, ships, sayings and hot air balloons. Great for your junk journals, scrapbook supplies or DIY books!

Vintage Transportation Ephemera - Free Printables

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Super Cool Transportation Printables! Cars, Boats, Ships and Trains

How cute are these 5 pages of free printables including journal pages, tags, tabs, tickets and sayings.

These collage sheets include strong sailor women, cool vintage cars, hot air balloons and tons of trains.

Why I Made These and Why They Are Free!

I LOVE having some cool printables to use in my own artwork, and then for these ones add on the fact that I love taking train trips with my fathers and this one was a no-brainer when one of the gals asked for trains!

I used my creativity and images from Creative Fabrica and public domain images from Graphics Fairy to make these transportation collage sheets!

I give them away because I love getting messages from my peeps saying how much they like them and also I make a wee bit of money on ads when anyone visits my site… that gives me the time to make cool freebies for you and me!

Commercial License For Printing

There is a free commercial license as long as you print out the collage sheets first!

There is no license to distribute these digitally… if you want to share them with a friend send her the link to this page and she can download them herself!

How To Print These Collage Sheets

They are formatted to print out on 8.5″X11″ paper so you can print them at home or send them out to a printer!

I like to use a higher quality paper like bright white cardstock so that they a little more sturdy to use in my artwork!

Download The Free Printables!

These collage sheets and so many more are available in the freebie library! Click the link or the image below to get your password! (click here if you already have the password!)

Click here to get  the Vintage Transportation Ephemera - Free Printables

Vintage Cars, Ships, Trains and Hot Air Balloons Printables Wrapup!

I hope these collage sheets featuring all different kinds of transportation make your heart as happy as they do mine!

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Vintage Transportation Ephemera - Free Printables