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10 Free Junk Journal Printables

I LOVE using printables in my junk journals! Luckily I am a designer and can make them for myself (and you) to use for holidays, vintage and specialty journals and folios. And YES! There is a free commercial license included!

9 Free Junk Journal Printables

Free Junk Journal Printable Downloads

I keep adding to these printables as I “need” more ephemera to use in my artwork, so make sure to bookmark this page or watch for when I send out the new printable emails!

If you see any of these that you like and want to get one (or all) of them, they are all available in my Freebie Library!

General Ephemera

Free Bee Printable Tags and Tickets

Free Printable Bee Ephemera Cut Out

These are such super cute bee printable tags and tickets that you can use to add an ephemera pop to your art! You get three sheets that you can use in your art journals or junk journals.

See the whole Printable Bee Ephemera post!

Free Printable Butterfly Ephemera

These may be the most beautiful tags and tickets I have ever made! There are so many colorful butterfly ephemera that you can use to add a fun pop of color to your project!

See the whole Printable Butterfly Ephemera post!

Free Printable Butterfly Tags and Tickets

Spooky Steampunk Ephemera

Free Spooky Creepy Ephemera For Junk Journals

I just love spooky and creepy things to use in my artwork! These could be great for Halloween, but I am more of a “day to day” steampunk kind of artist so I use these all the time!

See the whole Printable Creepy Ephemera post!

Circus Ephemera

I LOVE images from the circus! I HAD to make these printable tags and tickets so that I could have them for my artwork!

Click here to see the whole Circus Ephemera post!

Free Circus Printable Ephemera

Holiday Ephemera

If you see any of these that you like and want to get one (or all) of them, they are all available in my Freebie Library!

4th of July Free Printables

Free Printable 4th of July Ephemera - All Cut Out

I KNOW, not everyone around the world celebrates the 4th of July (looking at you my British friends!), but I LOVE how fun these turned out and how patriotic they make me feel!

See the whole Free 4th of July Printables selection!

Halloween Printable Tags and Tickets

Looking for some cute and colorful Halloween Tags and Tickets to use in your junk journals or scrapbook pages? These feature orange, purple and that fun acid green AND have some special Day of the Dead ephemera too!

See the whole Printable Halloween Printables post!

Free Halloween Printable Ephemera

Free Christmas Ephemera Printables

Free Printable Tags and Tickets

I love having these Christmas tags and tickets that I can use in my art journals (and even on a mantle banner!) They are super pretty and vintage lovely for you to use in your holiday project.

See the whole Printable Christmas Tags and Tickets post!

Printable Junk Journal Basics

If you see any of these that you like and want to get one (or all) of them, they are all available in my Freebie Library!

Collage Sheets

I made these 7 super fun collage papers to use on my decorative boxes, but they turned out to be great for art journalling! They are amazingly detailed and great for your art journal.

See the whole Printable Collage Sheets post!

Free Printable Collage Papers For Art Journals

Free Printable Faux Stamps

Free printable faux stamps for junk journaling

These are super amazing fun, free stamps that you can use in your junk journals or scrapbook layouts. I feel like they turned out wicked cute and so many peeps have said they love them!

See the full free printable ephemera stamps!

3 Ring Binder and Tab Hole Reinforcers

I got the coolest punch that will make hole reinforcers so, of course, I needed to make a printable sheet so I could have fancy hole reinforcers!

See the entire free hole reinforcer printable!

Free Printable Hole Reinforcers

Junk Journal Printables FAQs

Why I Make Junk Journal Printables

Sometimes people ask me why I make so many printables and the short answer is “because I can!” Woot woot!

The long answer is, I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years now (I started in the old desktop publishing days) and I have all the cool programs like Photoshop and Illustrator that makes it easy for me to do them!

Who Can Use These Printables?

I do mostly mixed media collage, but you can use them for junk journals, as parts of scrapbook pages or even in products you intend to sell!

What Is The Commercial License?

I LOVE helping small business owners so my designs all have a free commercial license! You can print these out and use them for any reason!

Here are a few ways peeps have used them:

  • A man in Africa prints them out and sells them at his store
  • An Etsy seller uses them in her journals that she sells online
  • A gal said she is selling scrapbook layouts in person at craft fairs

The only thing you can't do is distribute them digitally in any way (except to send to your printer or Kinkos, etc!)

Where Do I Get The Images I Use?

I get the images for these printables from Graphics Fairy and Creative Market. In both cases there is a commercial license to use as a designer so you won't get dinged for using copyrighted items.

Mose of these vintage ephemera images are in the public domain or made by a illustrator who designs them from scratch.

Jennifer Osborne

Wednesday 5th of July 2023

What type of paper do you recommend to print these on?

Thank you!

Tara Jacobsen

Tuesday 15th of August 2023

Hi Jennifer! I always use card stock...:)


Thursday 29th of June 2023

Can i use these images for creating books on amazon kdp platform?

Tara Jacobsen

Tuesday 15th of August 2023

Nope, you can't use them digitally, only on printed products.