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Good, Better, Best Ephemera Storage and Organization

Tips and ideas for how to store your ephemera! I am a visual organizer and this new system is organized AND visible to see!

Good, Better, Best Ephemera Storage and Organization

Why I Wrote This Post

I have been working on my craft room a lot this year and have decided to find out the best way to organize my craft products so that I use them more!

Anyone who has ever bought more than one pack of ephemera knows that organization becomes a real challenge the more ephemera you get!

3 Ways To Organize Ephemera Storage Video

3 Ways To Organize Ephemera

Here are 3 ways that I have used to store my vintage ephemera! I have ranked them from good to better to best according to my thinking… if you have different ways of organizing that work for you please use them!

1. Good and Easy Ephemera Storage – The Big Storage Box

1. Good and Easy Ephemera Storage - The Big Storage Box

While this was not my actual big storage box (I collected ALL the ephemera from around my room and dumped it in here) I DID have a large box full of random ephemera bits! I don't know if they are still available but I got this one from Big Lots.

Why This Worked!

Large Capacity: This box was large enough to accommodate a significant amount of ephemera, making it suitable for bulk storage.

Simple Solution: It was a straightforward method for storing various ephemera items, without the need for complex organizing systems.

Benefits of the Original Big Storage Box

Ease of Use for Smaller Collections: When my ephemera collection was smaller, the big box was sufficient and easy to use.

All-in-One Storage: It allowed for keeping all my ephemera in one place, which can be convenient for people like me who prefer a singular storage location.

Suitable for Beginners or Small Collections: For peeps just starting their ephemera collection or those with a limited number of items, a big box provides a simple and effective storage solution.

However, as my collection grew this method became less effective, leading me to look for other storages solutions.

The main issue with the big box was its inability to efficiently organize and manage a large, diverse collection of ephemera, making it difficult for me to find specific items when needed.

1a. Small Plastic Envelopes In The Box

I made this 1a. because I was using smaller plastic envelopes (from dies I had purchase separately) as a sub-storage system in the big box.

Features of Small Plastic Envelopes:

  1. Compact Size: The envelopes are small, making them easy to handle and store.
  2. Transparency: Being made of plastic, these envelopes are mostly transparent, allowing for easy visibility of their contents.
  3. Organization by Type: I could kind of organize ephemera by type. I had all my paper dolls segregated into these kind of envelopes.

Benefits of Small Plastic Envelopes:

  1. Improved Organization: By categorizing ephemera into different envelopes, it becomes easier to find specific items. This system reduces clutter and increases efficiency in locating what's needed.
  2. Protection of Contents: The plastic material of the envelopes can protect the ephemera from dust, spills, and other potential damages.
  3. Space Efficiency: Their compact size makes these envelopes a space-efficient storage solution, especially for smaller craft areas or when storing a large number of small items.
  4. Enhanced Accessibility: With the ability to see through the envelopes, it's quicker and more convenient to identify the contents without needing to open each one.

These small plastic envelopes were a practical way to organize and protect ephemera, especially when my collection was small-to-medium.

2. Better Way To Organize Ephemera – Snap Flipbooks

Then I saw a video from the nice Joggles lady showing the Snap Flipbooks! I loved the idea of all the little separate pockets to fit my ephemera into!

2. Better Way To Organize Ephemera - Snap Flipbooks

Features of the Snap Flipbooks

Segregated Pockets: I liked that I had numerous sized pockets that could accommodate big and little ephemera.

Great Price: A whole Snap Flipbook with extra pockets was in the $10 range, making it an affordable solution to have multiple Flipbooks going at one time.

Visual Organizing: The clear pockets are like baseball card pockets, you can see everything that is contained in them!

Features of the Snap Flipbooks

Negatives of the Snap Flipbooks

Bulky When Filled: The Flipbooks became quite bulky when filled. This bulkiness made them awkward to store and handle.

Storage Issues: Due to their size and shape, especially when filled, the Snap Flipbooks didn't fit well in my storage spaces, they “sat weird.”

Accessibility: While the interior was clear plastic, for my visually organizing brain I didn't think to look for ephemera in the closed books on my Ikea storage shelves.

In summary, while Snap Flipbooks offered a more organized and cost-effective solution than a large box, their bulkiness and the issues with storage and accessibility limited their effectiveness for me!

3. Best Way To Organize Ephemera – Clear Craft Box

Okay, now we are to the way that I organize my ephemera now… Clear Craft Storage Box! (that is an affiliate link, if you purchase through my link I get wee bit of commission!)

3. Best Way To Organize Ephemera - Clear Craft Box

Why The Clear Craft Storage Box Works

Structured Organization: The box contains dividers and plastic envelopes, allowing for a highly organized system. This makes it easier to categorize and locate different types of ephemera.

Prioritization of Items: I organize the box with the most-used items at the front, making them more accessible. This prioritization ensures that frequently used items are easy to reach.

Variety of Storage Options: The box holds different types of ephemera, from small pieces to larger items like backgrounds and fabric pieces.

Increased Accessibility: Unlike the Snap Flipbooks, this box can be kept on my craft desk, making it more accessible and likely to be used.

Encourages Usage: By having the items more visible and accessible, I am more inclined to use the ephemera that was previously neglected.

Drawbacks of the Final Storage Solution

Size and Space Considerations: If you have a small craft room with limited storage, this box (or pair of boxes like I have) might be too big to store comfortably compared to the Snap Flipbook which is functionally book sized. Larger storage solutions require more room.

Potential Overstuffing: I have TOO MANY paper dolls and that section is stuffed mess. While I understand the need to purge, I would rather use the products that I have bought and limit my purchasing more. If this box becomes too overstuffed I won't be able to use it and it will be another ephemera fail.

Ephemera Storage and Organizing Wrapup

I hope the overview of all my ephemera storage solutions helps you to figure out what is going to be best for your craft room!

I LOVE thinking about craft room organization so if you have suggestions for other articles, please let me know ([email protected]).

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Good, Better, Best Ephemera Storage and Organization