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Creative Inspiration Winnie The Pooh Junk Journal Page Ideas

I made us some free Pooh junk journaling printables and thought that I would show you some wicked cool junk journal ideas to use them for covers and cards!

Creative Inspiration Winnie The Pooh Junk Journal Page Ideas

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Starting A Winnie The Pooh Journal

Today we are going to start a Pooh junk journal with the covers and a super fun peep through card… whoo whoo! Making whole junk journal pages is one way to use the printables, but you can also tear them up and mix them with different types of papers to make them your own!

So first, you might want to take a peek at the video… I show you how I am using some of the Winnie the Pooh free printables to start and then below are pictures that show the steps to doing it yourself!

How To Start Pooh Journal Video Walkthrough


How To Start Your Pooh Journal

Using free printables mixed with different materials is a great way to create a visual journal that is cohesive AND unique to you!

Having a specific theme for your journal is a great place to start and is a fun way to dig in and get going!

So gather up your different papers, sheet music, scrapbook paper, old papers or whatever you have on hand and lets start looking at some junk journal page ideas!

Glueing Down The Free Printable Covers

As a starting point to my journal I wanted to decide on the cover images… It took a second because the Winnie the Pooh journal pages really are so darn pretty and cool!

I made us some free Pooh junk journaling printables and thought that I would show you some wicked cool junk journal ideas to use them for covers and cards!

In the end I decided on the Pooh with a balloon for the front cover and the owl tree house collage pages because they are cohesive in color and will make a good book design! I would also use the Pooh and Eyeore in the forest ones together or the Christopher Robin and Owl ones together.

DIY Winnie the Pooh Junk Journal

I decided to use Liquitex matte medium to stick the large journal pages onto pulled-out Dyan Reaveley Creative Journal pages that I tore out to make my magazine collage journal a little less chubby!

Using a little bit of liquid glue spread out with a collage brush will not cause your printables to warp.

Pooh Bear Junk Journal Tutorial

Journals come in all different sizes but for this one I decided to go with roughly 8.5″X11″ which is the size of the largest printable pages. You could make your own journals bigger or smaller depending on what your purpose of the junk journal is!

Making A Card For The Winnie The Pooh Journal

After I got the front and back picked out (which look like an old book cover) I wanted to use another few of the printables to make an Eyeore themed card!

Vintage Winnie the Pooh Journal

A great idea is to use a pre-made card (mine is from Michaels) and then just stick the printables to the front or inside. You could use junk mail, index cards or a premade card like I did!

Easy Winnie the Pooh Journal

It is so fun to cut up these printables and find cool paper scraps that you can use for a different part of your junk journal!

Hundred Acre Wood Journal Vibes

For the outside of the card I used old book pages painted in a harlequin pattern and then pasted a whole Eyeore card front to it. You could add this to a tuck spot page, put it behind a belly band or just leave it loose in your journal.

The fun part of junk journaling is that if you gave 100 of us the same printable we would use the bits and bobs a hundred different ways! Some gals would use washi tape, some wrapping paper, you know I love magazine pages… the difference is what makes them cool!

Creative Winnie the Pooh Journal

Starting A Winnie The Pooh Journal Wrapup

I hope this has helped you to think about all the fun we will have using the Winnie the Pooh printables for making all different types of journals! I am making a themed junk journal but you might want to make a mini book or a bullet journal!

A junk journal is a creative way to pull together all your craft room supplies like scrap fabric, old books, scrap paper, etc. to make make beautiful pages… there really are endless possibilities!

Here are some more free printables you might love!

Winnie the Pooh Junk Journal Pages